Outlander Hub: Outlander-related links

The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is one of my very favorite things in the universe. And, in case you've somehow missed it, Starz is making Outlander into a tv series. The resulting proliferation of websites, articles, videos, pictures, etc. is causing my head to explode. And so this site is an attempt to categorize the chaos so that I can find things later when I want to show them to people. Hopefully, it will be helpful to others in the same way.

Click the tabs at the top to browse through the categories in different ways or use the search box on the right. You can browse through any of these categories with more search options coming soon:

If you know of something I've missed, please use the "suggest a link" feature on the right. Links in any of these categories are welcome:

  • Outlander-focused websites, blogs, facebook pages and groups.
  • News items about the Outlander books or tv series.
  • Articles or reference materials about the people involved in the tv show.
  • Places to buy Outlander-related stuff.
  • Particularly interesting historical bits relevant to the Outlander series.