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Kindred by Octavia Butler
Wow. Any book that writes with any emotional honesty about slavery is going to necessarily be intense in many ways. In this book Dana, a young African-American woman is repeatedly taken back in time from the late 20th century back to the time of slavery in the American south. Something about the juxtaposition of the modern knowledge and sensibilities with the horrors of that time was particularly striking. This was very well-written and will definitely be a story that will stay with you.

Kiwi Outlander/Diana Gabaldon Fans
Regional Facebook Group: Kiwi Outlander/Diana Gabaldon Fans

KLF Studio
Outlander Inspired! Handcrafted metal jewelry with organic textures and patinas.

KLF Studio
I handcraft metal jewelry with organic textures and patinas You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter at KLF Studio

Ladies of Lallybroch
The first Outlander fan group in existence since 1997.